Past my Prime

Freeze the picture
Can't hold on to the benefit of youth
Line up the stricture
Every day is a moment of truth


Playing house like the cavemen did
Memories of what my childhood forbid
Is this the price to pay getting old
Not even close to fool's gold


I see an old man in the mirror
Now everything's clearer


These four walls I've seen them all
Getting ready for a curtain call
Early to rise and early to bed,
Makes a man healthy, but socially dead


Am I the same?
Never doubted my self, but I'm fading
I got my pawn in the game
And the mirror's degrading

God was never my maker
and Satan was never my dad
Ereasing the fallen taker
Getting back the life I've never had


I have been down
Down but never broken


The man I wanted to be
Is the boy that I became
Always taking the higher ground
I never lived in shame
And just because I could
Doesn't mean I should
I'll never surrender
I'll never compromise
I'm just a guy who knows about sacrifice


Carve my name in stone
But I won't die alone


© kognition. -2014-


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