Yes, You Can't

I'm The one
who walks alone
on my own
towards the intense
I'm the black sheep,
a little creep
Abandoned in
a beauty sleep
But what I know
A better place
Within the heart
Some kind of art
Speak in tongues
Find it there

I was crawling right from the...start
But always ended up, getting what I... want
And sure as hell I'll take what I... need
Sometime all of my plans and ideas will be... agreed

Sleeping tight
For a better choice
Absorbing air
And feeling strong
I'm never wrong
No more hiding
And describing
And ever
I'm free
I can see
It now
I've found it
It's perfect

I go to bed with mother superior

Don't pretend you understand me,
if you never have been free, you're just a wannabe

I got places to be,
and people to see
Friends to meet
and mistakes to repeat

I have dreams to fulfill
Thoughts to spill
Hearts to break
and money to make

© kognition. -2011-

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