The Arch Enemy of Ancient Time

You're tearing down that little bit of hope
You tied us all in a big fuckin rope
Don't play with open cards if you can't add them correctly
I wil split them directly

Never again Will I introduce you to My friends
You Will turn them against me
And rape them when I'm not around,
You're an out-of-date clown

The tower of Babel Will be destroyed
It will make you both mindless and unemployed
Only your enemies will leave you flowers
When you're on your deathbed, and just counting the hours

I became uncontrolled and on my own
Buckled up on an empty throne
I just sat there still, with my naivety
And watched you ruin my life, quitely

The only time you said good things about me,
Was just to show them your own hospitallity

I should have listened to everybody that told me you were fake
Instead I made my own views and took you like a piece of cake

But Sometimes we need people to show us,
what we can't see for ourselves
And then we change forever,
But however, whatever, I will never ever be that clever, whatsoever, again

I thought we were fantastic as four
But I'm backing off and you can have your whore
I hope you fucking rot and die
Or that someone makes you too a great bull's eye


Darling I know the pain
They've all gone astray
There's nothing left to gain

Baby you're not in vain
Baby you're not insane
Baby you need to sustain
With what you can't regain,

Honey, I feel the rain
That's touchess me again
I guess words can't explain
That you own your own domain

Life is so wonderful
Don't deny it, do not fight it
Life is all about you
Don't you isololate it, to yourself

Cutie you have it all
even if you should fall
you have the gift of love
and freedom

Girl, you will succeed
at your own choosen speed
It isnn't so hard to see
The sun will shine again

I will give everything to you
Hold you and wipe
away your tears

Life is so wonderful
Don't deny it, do not fight it
Life is all about you
Don't you isololate it, to yourself
And I will try to save you
and to show you, what this life is all about


Together even though we're apart
Your strength and sweetness went straight to my heart
And the beauty buzz you force me into,
Make me all forget, about the times that we've been through

And I press you softly to My lips
and I embrace you softly with a kiss
I'm in bliss. No dismiss.
You're what I love and what I desire
Inside my heart there's a uncontrollable fire

Everything grow bigger, better, more beautiful and last longer
With every breath I take, I grow way much stronger

Take me,
Take me, under your protection
Take me
Take me, I'm lost in the affection

Gold isn't the only thing that's gleaming
I'm dreaming.
Something as good as this
must have something waiting deep in the abyss

You make me whole, complete my soul
But as long as your with me, I lose control

and when I try to push you all away,
it's like parole I fall into from again
I can't be without you just for one day
but when I'm with you I slowly go insane

I have no answers for how it should be
I just know that I never will see
That without you, there's no life at all
But togheter with you even the strongest would fall

And as friends we're separating
Until next time I'll be here waiting
Goodbye my dearest friend
Our chapter has come to an end

But I'm to clever to say never
I love you forever and ever

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