Highland Park

The progress of denial is to live like someone else
And wearing someone else's clothes
Trying to be someone you never were
But forgetting everything that you are

Another objective
Another perspective
Selling some time
Just to spare a dime

Suffocating though you're free
Trying to be what you can't see
Absorbing all of the latest news
And living everyday with other point of views
Need to reach the goal to what you aren't
But seeing things that you've never seen before

The mirror's the same though the reflection's shifting
You're just worth everything that you are
And you're giving orders to people as lost as you
But how well do you co-operate if your the one in charge?

You're  seeing, you're  screaming
Nowhere land is so confusing
You're seeking and speaking
It's dead hands you're using

What you are is what you will be
And what you will become is the monster you became

Worst part is, the way of this

You thought you would be different, but you ended up the same.
You lost the struggle, and you're the only one to blame

© kognition -2011-


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