Living the Dream

sorry that I were bad behaviour
but every day was exactly the same
your love did not turned me on anymore

I've found another bitch
I weren't the one who took advantage
I destroyed our fortress and escaped to reality

it makes me feel
so heavenly
I've seen through the mirror

we live the life that the past told us not to
I am living my life for real
I can't imagine anything else
than to be with her
I am living the dream

all we did was sit around
and watch each others shallow minds
when everything feels safe
it's actually the contrary

what is there to struggle for
when everything is good?

Oh, I prefer to stay alive
with arms around my waist

I prefer to stay alive
with arms around my waist

My love is now confirmed
calculated for freedom

the best choice I made
was to leave you for something more

Everything I knew
is far more perfect now

Far more perfect now

© kognition. -2009/2011-

Postat av: Malin

Fin blogg!

Allt bra? :)

2011-01-12 @ 11:51:03
Postat av: Le Lettering


Läs gärna lite hos mig också :)

2011-01-13 @ 00:42:56

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