The Eternal Light

Another day like Saturday
Living in a circle 24 hours
Painting my calender grey
'cause I've lost my powers

Computer games and one-night stands
Opportunities fell into my hands            
Three-day binges and then repeat again
I tried so hard to be a man

It's like a game,
for everything that God forbid
Was everything that I became
now I'm haunted by the things I never did

I'm the one without a name,
I'm writing poems in my book of shame
I failed right from the start when it began
but I tried so hard to be a man    

I will go out tonight,
While you sleep in denial
I've lost my line of sight,
now it's time for a trial
Sleep tight, my friend, you will see
This one's for you, you'll be free

Release my hand, I can't rely on myself,
no more to understand, I leave my poems on the shelf

I'm always yearning away, but never to come home
Even though, I know for sure that I'm born to be alone
It's time now for another plan
I tried so hard to be a man

I know the road I'll go,
I've followed it before
The eternal light will show,
if there is something more.
The eternal light will guide the way.
My destiny will show and tell if I should stay

I can't look the other anymore
'cause everyday is like the one before

When everydays the same,
There's no one else to blame
For every road I choose,
I always end up hanging loose.
For my inspiration I'm just a fan.
'cause I never grew up to be a man

I'm not the one for you, but you're the one I need
But you should know that you're the reason that I breath
Yeah, you're the reason that I breath
But I got to go.


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