Dead Hand (of the past)

You gotta have a disease to be special
but with the intelligence you will be lead to ingorance
borders are-a changing, sorting the dreams to manipulation

Ph. D and A++
What is wrong with talent and guts
Dirty works for lawyers salaries
The difference is huge when you're burning calories

Well, we are special and we never grew up to fast
We believe in something that is real
Well, we are lost. We're the dead hand of the past
And we are drowning but got gills of stainless steel

You live in the bottom of your scratched and broken dreams
But they expect you to accept all of the national themes
And only with cash you can afford to stay sober
but forgetting 'bout the days in October

It's an endless struggle for perfection
as we're voting "ourselves" in the election
never understanding the real state of art
trying to be smart, by following your heart


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