A stagnation of information
We find ourselves in the frustration
An endless struggle for perfection
And we vote "ourselves" in the election

The second one always turns the wheel
And we need another person to close the deal
How the hell can you be on your own?
Not even the president can stand alone

Megalomania will be your end
You can't be your own friend
Respect is the spoken word
Have you ever heard? It's quite absurd

You can't build an army out of one single guy
And you can't touch the sky
Without learning how to fly

You can't be nothing, without another
And I guess that you never grew up with a brother
And how do you think you parents met
Your own birth, you can't regret

If you want to be alone
What's the use of a phone
Egoism cannot rule
Where you the only student at your elementary school?

Family's are fucking created by two
Have you actually thought this through?
Companionship is all there is
And all we need is this:



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