Here's to You

Take a look at the our time
As we climb, up to sky
When we release our grip, we're ready to fly
over mountain high
Through air and pouring rain
Through clouds and forgotten pain

Then you will fall asleep in my arm
Just as quickly as you fell for my charm
And I will never wish for something more
Since you're the one that I adore
and all the stars that you ignite
everytime you're looking up in the night
It fills my whole body with delight

You better stick with me
For all eternity
You better stick with me
and I agree; your eyes are as blue as the sea

And I will always whisper your name
'cause you deserve nothing more than my tenderness
And I confess, you are all the same
but I wish you were here
I'm always be yours truly, my dear

I could wait a lifetime
Just to see you again
I would wait a lifetime
by I'm just sitting here, trying to explain
That all I feel, and all I do
Is only because of you
And what forever ever means to you
I'll try to make all your dreams come true

But here I sit alone, in my fortress of solitude
drinking, thinking and trying to forget that I am subdued
And all I got left now is my fears and all my tears
And I wish i could wish all of my thoughts into your ears
But you're to far away, and I've gone astray
But I'll promise I'll be okay
And yoy will try to look into my eyes,
beyond all the tears that I've cried
You will never be denied
I will stand by your side


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