Together even though we're apart
Your strength and sweetness went straight to my heart
And the beauty buzz you force me into,
Make me all forget, that we once were through

And I press you softly to my lips
and I embrace you softly with a kiss
You're what I love and what I desire
Inside my heart there's an uncontrollable fire

Everything grow bigger, better, more beautiful and last longer
With every breath I take, I grow way much stronger

Take me,
Take me, under your protection
Take me
Take me, I'm lost in the affection

Gold isn't the only thing that's gleaming,
I must be dreaming.
Something as good as this
must have something waiting deep in the abyss

You make me whole, complete my soul
But as long as your with me, I lose control
I can't be without you just for one day
but when I'm with you I slowly go insane

I have no answers for how it should be
I just know that I never will see
That without you, there's no life at all
But togheter with you, even the strongest would fall

And as friends we're separating
Until next time I'll be here waiting
Goodbye my dearest friend
Our chapter has come to an end

But I'm to clever to say never
I love you forever and ever

Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori

© kognition. - 2010 - R. Ekelund

Postat av: B

Blev lite kåt när jag började läsa...

2010-12-22 @ 01:09:31
Postat av: kognition.

Haha. Vad fan :O


2010-12-22 @ 01:40:22
Postat av: B

Inte fan vet jag? Jag blir kåt i de knasigaste av situationer. Men det prrade till i puppen ;)

2010-12-24 @ 01:59:55
Postat av: kognition.

Okej. Alltid härligt när folk blir tillfredsställda av det skrivna ordet :)

2010-12-24 @ 02:16:54

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