The Arch Enemy of Ancient Time

You're tearing down that little bit of hope
You tied us all in a big fuckin rope
Don't play with open cards if you can't add them correctly
I wil split them directly

Never again Will I introduce you to My friends
You Will turn them against me
And rape them when I'm not around,
You're an out-of-date clown

The tower of Babel Will be destroyed
It will make you both mindless and unemployed
Only your enemies will leave you flowers
When you're on your deathbed, and just counting the hours

I became uncontrolled and on my own
Buckled up on an empty throne
I just sat there still, with my naivety
And watched you ruin my life, quitely

The only time you said good things about me,
Was just to show them your own hospitallity

I should have listened to everybody that told me you were fake
Instead I made my own views and took you like a piece of cake

But Sometimes we need people to show us,
what we can't see for ourselves
And then we change forever,
But however, whatever, I will never ever be that clever, whatsoever, again

I thought we were fantastic as four
But I'm backing off and you can have your whore
I hope you fucking rot and die
Or that someone makes you too a great bull's eye

Postat av: mlftlq

2011-08-15 @ 09:06:33

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